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Background and Challenges

In the oil and gas industry, effective and secure management of resources, especially vehicles and drivers, is of paramount importance, particularly in regions where road safety poses significant challenges.
TotalEnergies, a major player in the sector, faces these challenges in its daily management of the fleets of its contracted partners through its Track & Trace (T&T) information system
Before integration with SafeToLoad, selecting vehicles and drivers for delivery orders relied entirely on master data in T&T, leading to time constraints and reliability issues.

« APIS PUBLIQUES » connecté à divers éléments d'un système de gestion de la logistique et de la sécurité.

Technical Solution: Webhook and Real-Time Synchronization

The collaboration between SafeToLoad and TotalEnergies introduced a technological innovation through the use of a webhook and a publish/subscribe architecture. T&T subscribes to the SafeToLoad service, receiving vehicle inspection results in real-time in JSON format. This mechanism ensures efficient synchronization, allowing TotalEnergies to send and update master data via SafeToLoad’s REST APIs, using CRUD operations. An advanced authentication system enhances the security of data exchanges, while a “message delivery guarantee” prevents data loss, even in cases of T&T system unavailability.

Results and Benefits

The integration of SafeToLoad’s APIs has transformed resource management at TotalEnergies. Pre-loading inspections carried out by SafeToLoad and results synchronized with T&T have increased the safety of transport operations, minimizing accident risks in densely populated or high-risk areas. The ability to immediately exclude a non-compliant vehicle from the selection process has optimized delivery operations, reducing costs and waiting times.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions

The main challenge encountered was ensuring no data loss, crucial for operation safety. The development of a short-circuit mechanism on the T&T side and the implementation of a message delivery guarantee ensured flawless reliability. Close collaboration and continuous communication between the technical teams of SafeToLoad and TotalEnergies were key to overcoming technical challenges and ensuring perfect synchronization.

A Partnership Towards Enhanced Safety

The case study of SafeToLoad’s API integration with T&T at TotalEnergies highlights the significant impact of technology in the secure management of transport operations in the oil and gas industry This partnership has not only improved the safety and efficiency of TotalEnergies’ operations but also laid the groundwork for proactive risk management, demonstrating the critical importance of technological innovation in road safety and logistics.


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