Administration Data Portal​​​​​​

Administration Data Portal​​​​​​

Create a question

In the “Manage” menu, you have access to several tabs in “Questions”:

Capture d'écran des onglets Questions

Repository questions: the questions are blocked and cannot be modified. The questions are created by a manager according to a repository. You can disable one or more questions.

Editable Questions: You can create, add and edit questions to SafeToLoad forms.

Safe To Operate Questions: You can create, add, and edit questions to Safe To Operate forms (complex forms).

ACM Questions:  you can create, add, and edit questions to ACM (Material Compliance Audit) forms.

Capture de la liste des questions modifiables SafeToLoad

Click on one of the desired “Questions” tabs, and you will access the list of questions.

Capture du bouton pour apercevoir les questions actives, inactives ou toutes les questions

It is possible to select active, inactive or all questions.

You can filter questions based on:

  • Inspection,
  • Assets, contacts, organizations,
  • Sections.
Capture du filtre des questions
Captures liste des boutons : import, export, rafraichir et créer / questions SafeToLoad

You can import and export your questions.

Click on “refresh” to refresh the list of questions.

Click “Create” to create a new question.

Capture de la fiche création d'une question SafeToLoad

Fill in all the fields to create your new question:

  • Reference (mandatory fields): unique number for each question.
  • Question: Title of your question. You can also translate your question into different languages ​​(English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese…).
  • Group (mandatory field): this reference must be identical for all questions with the same wording.
  • Help: Link to the online help file associated with the question (path to note: /Common/help/« Language »/« help name.pdf ».
  • Severity level (mandatory fields): indicates if it is a blocking control point (the truck will be rejected in the event of non-compliance). Select whether the checkpoint is minor, major, or critical.
  • Target: Associates the new question with a tractor, trailer or driver.
Once the fields are completed, click on “create” at the top right.
Capture de la fiche d'une question créée active

New fields will appear:

  • Active until: activates the question until a specific date if necessary.
  • Order: Specifies the order of the question in your form.
  • Answer definition: only if the answer should be different from the default answer.
Capture Tags de la création d'une question

The “Tags” are now accessible, allowing you to choose the location of your question according to:

  • Inspection,
  • Assets, contacts, organizations,
  • Sections.
After selecting your tags, click on “Validate”.

Click on “Save” at the top right.


Click “Publish Templates” at the bottom left.

Capture publier les modèles portail SafeToLoad
Capture publier les modèles portail SafeToLoad

Select the type(s) of forms where you want to make the change.

Click “Publish” at the top right.

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