Administration Data Portal​​​​​​

Administration Data Portal​​​​​​

Manage contractors

Click on the “Manage” menu then on “Contractor”.

Capture onglet "Prestataire"
Capture de la liste des prestataires

You will access the list of contractor.

Just like creating a question, or creating other administrative data (vehicles, drivers, trailers…etc), you can:

  • Filter active and inactive questions. 
  • Import and export a list of contractor.
  • Refresh the list of contractor.

Click on “Create” to create a new contractor.

Capture de la fiche de création d'un prestataire

The fields to be completed are:

  • Name of the transport company (mandatory fields),
  • Address,
  • ZIP code,
  • City,
  • Country,
  • Phone number.

You can add recipient emails:

  • Emails of the recipients in copy of the STLs: recipients will receive all checks that have taken place on their trucks.

  • Recipient emails for problem reports: recipients will only receive controls that have a problem (comment, non-compliance, rejection).

  • Rejected notification recipients: recipients will only receive rejected checks that have taken place on their vehicle.

Capture ajout d'e-mail

Write an e-mail address and click on the “+” to add it to the list.

Using the arrows, you can order your emails.

. Click the trash can icon to delete an email.

Once complete, click “Ok”.

Once the fields are completed, click on “create” to save your new contractor.

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