General documentation

General documentation


Boot process


The affiliate receives an excel file to fill in containing the start data for STL. (users, depots, transporters, vehicles)

Exemple de données demandées pour les utilisateurs.

Example of data requested for users

Exemple de données demandées pour les dépôts

Example of data requested for depots

Exemple de données demandées pour les transporteurs.

Example of data requested for transporters

Exemple de données demandées pour les véhicules.

Example of data requested for vehicles

Avoid special characters (period, hyphen…).
Put a single reference in a cell.


SafeToLoad receives an order. (a)

SafeToLoad receives the file and validates its formatting. If there are any issues, the file is returned to the branch for a correction request. (b)


SafeToLoad configures a space for the subsidiary on the servers.

The setup steps are:

  • Creation of space on the server,
  • Data import,
  • Configuration of a space in the GED (archiving) and user rights,
  • Configuration of a space in BI and user rights.


SafeToLoad performs tests.



  • Notifies the subsidiary of the delivery of the subsidiary’s STL space,
  • Sends documentation (quick start, training guide, etc.),
  • Assists the subsidiary for start-up.
Modèle du processus de démarrage


After validation of the import file, SafeToLoad sets a delivery date.
In general, the delivery date is 5-10 days after the import file is validated depending on our load.


A quote is provided by SafeToLoad, it includes:

  • 1 setup (one shot),
  • 1 Office subscription for back office use (data administration, access to archiving and analysis reports). This subscription includes a license for up to 10 Office users,
  • N subscriptions for N inspectors (allows you to do STL checks in the field).

Note: An Office user cannot do checks.


To perform the checks
You can use Android tablets (8GB recommended) or recent iPads (Atex depending on the control area).
If the shelves are not Atex, consider equipping the shelves with hardened cases.
Install the SafeToLoad app on tablets from the GooglePlay or AppStore stores.
In order, you can follow the quick guide (quick start) for the configuration of the tablets.

Wi-Fi Internet
You do not need a Wifi Internet connection during the checks. The application works offline.
On the other hand, an Internet connection is required to synchronize the tablet with the servers, ie it will transfer the controls and retrieve the configurations (the control models) and the aids in PDF format. Synchronization can be done at the end of the day or at the end of the shift.

To manage data
To manage the data, you must use a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer…).
We recommend using Google Chrome or the latest version of Safari or Internet Explorer.


Support is provided by email to the following address:

Information to be provided:

  • Company Name
  • The application used (STL…)
  • On which module of the application is the request located? (data administration portal, mobile, web inspect client, GED, BI)
  • User account
  • Description of the request
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