Osons Alerter​

Osons Alerter​

Form processing


To get started, on the “Declaration” page, enter general event information, customer information, contract information, and description.

Capture de la page déclaration

In the “Description” section, after adding the description of the risk situation, you will need to specify whether the station operator has been notified.

If the operator has not been notified, click “no” and add a comment. In this case, the comment field is mandatory.

Capture de la page déclaration avec commentaire


Once all the general information has been completed, you can access the “Areas” page and fill in the details of the event.

Capture de la page domaines

Select at least one domain and one domain item linked to the event.

The “Hardware” domain cannot be coupled with another domain.
The “Hardware” domain has no subdomains.
The “Delivery Procedure” domain does not have a subdomain.

Capture de la page domaines avec l'item matériel


After completing the details of the event, you can insert documents/photos via the “Documents” page.

Add a document by clicking “+”, and click “-” if you want to delete a document.

Capture de la page document
Capture de la fenêtre d'ajout d'un document
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