SEP Congo

SEP Congo has been an expert in oil logistics in the DRC.

SEP Congo controls the quality of all products through conformity analysis carried out upon arrival of tankers and at each depot.

SEP Congo  ensures the safety of their storage and transport by truck, controls loading procedures, protection of the environment and people according to strict international standards.

This checkpoint is essential, because during transport, trucks loaded with highly flammable hydrocarbons pass through very densely populated areas.

An accident would have disastrous consequences.

The inspectors and drivers of SEP Congo inspect the trucks before loading :

  • Is the vehicle up to date with the controls?
  • Is the driver up to date with his training and certifications?
  • This truck was refused, at the previous loading point, was it repaired?


It is thanks to the real-time cloud solution like SafeToLoad is it possible to seriously carry out these checks.

With document management and business intelligence tools, it is possible to go further by implementing quality improvement programs.

Women and men at SEP know that when it’s SafeToLoad it’s Safe to Go.

SEP Congo trusts SafeToLoad inspection solutions to check the condition of vehicles before loading the hydrocarbons.

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