A driver inspecting his truck before hitting the road

Road safety matters. Over 1 million people die every year on the roads of our planet.

SafeToLoad, in partnership with SGS help to improve safety standards at depots and for road transportation.

SGS teams perform pre-inspections of trucks before loading Fuel & LPG products at different Oil depots to ensure a full compliance with the defined Health & Safety criteria.

As soon as the inspection is complete, the customer receives a notification stating whether the  vehicle has been “accepted” or “rejected” in the event of non-compliance.

SGS teams use the SafeToLoad “Electronic Document Management GED” and “Business Intelligence” tools to produce precise reports with summaries and KPIs.

Immediate corrective actions and fleet compliance action plans are developed and implemented.

The SafeToLoad pre-loading inspection is an integral part of every driver’s road trip.

What is SafeToLoad EndToEnd?

The EndToEnd solution in partnership with SGS offers our clients a complete solution in several locations, combining SGS expertise & impartiality to SafeToLoad digital tools.

Who is SGS?

As a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification, SGS helps road transport companies ensure safety, maintenance and procedures are followed to reduce risk and mitigate the responsibility. A daily check of the trucks and their main systems is carried out based on defined criteria. Present in 130 countries, SGS supports its clients to ensure compliance with the highest Health, Safety and environmental standards

Why choose SGS:

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