Inspect App

Inspect App

Checkpoints page

You access the page of checkpoints to carry out to inspect your vehicle.

Capture de la page des points de contrôle

Complete each checkpoint by clicking on “Pass” or “Fail”.

The red asterisk means that the question is blocking. If the checkpoint is not compliant, the vehicle will be refused.

Capture de la page de points de contrôle qui commence à être complété

The “question mark” icon means there is help associated with the question.

You can add a file, a documentary in electronic document management (EDM).

Capture d'une page d'aide associée à une question

Click on the “photo” icon to add a photo.

Capture de l'ajout d'une photo
Capture de l'icône appareil photo

Take a photo via the tablet’s camera.

Capture de l'icône galerie pour ajouter une photo

Add a photo via the tablet gallery.

Capture de l'icône GED pour ajouter une photo

Add a photo via the application’s document management.

Capture de l'icône télécharger une photo

Upload an audio file, an image file or a video file.

Capture de l'icône crayon pour illustrer la non-conformité sur une photo

Click on the “pencil” icon to illustrate the non-compliance in the photo by drawing.

You can select the type of tracing and the color you want to illustrate the non-compliance in the photo.

The “eraser” tool deletes your drawings.

The “arrow” icon allows the rotation of the photo.

The “red cross” icon deletes the photo.

Click on the “blue keyboard” icon at the top right to save your annotations.

Capture de l'annotation d'une photo pour illustrer une non-conformité

After completing all the checkpoints, you can move on to the next page: additional photos, by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right or on the “Photos” tab.

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