General documentation

General documentation

SafeToLoad tool

Version 6.0 – for OIL & GAS

The SafeToLoad solution enhances the safety of all vehicles.
Tablet-based data entry enables immediate verification of compliance, notification of stakeholders and analysis of data summaries.


Systematically check transport safety


Real-time fleet status information


Improving fleet condition

A complete tool

SafeToLoad improves the safety of your materials handling operations

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Notify carriers and managers of non-conformities

Icône cadena


Systematically check and block non-compliant vehicles before loading

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Real-time fleet status information

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Archive your inspection reports securely

Application process

A. Workspace

  • Contractor management
  • Transport management (trucks and barges)
  • Trailer management
  • Driver management
  • Site management (control location, generally
    fuel depots or warehouses)
  • Marketer management
  • Inspectors and controllers management
  • General settings
  • Account settings
  • Brand management
  • Model management
  • Forms management (languages, news
Capture du workspace

1. Data administration

  • Direct data updates
  • Excel, GSheets or other import / export
  • Other information systems via APIs
    • SAP, Oracle and other push data
    • STL to other information systems, including control solutions
      plant access
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2. Information flow management

Reports and alarms are currently sent by e-mail.

3. Location

The workspace is available in English, French and Spanish (Portuguese in 2023).

B. Control

The SafeToLoad application

  • Available on the Google Play platform, supports online/offline modes.
  • Available on the Android market (Google Play), supports online/offline modes
Application process
  1. Each device has its own identification information (the license is based on the device).
  2. Selecting the means of transport
  3. PIN code inspector authentication / inspection category selection
  4. Location and distributor
  5. Identification of means of transport
  6. Control points (actual inspection of the means of transport)
  7. Additional Information
  8. Conclusion, signature and send
Rejection criteria
The vehicle’s status is automatically set according to the test results:
  • Accepted
  • Provisionally accepted
  • Rejected
Questionnaires can be updated in any language.
Users can access PDF helpers that can be designed by the customer.
Capture de la page conclusion, véhicule accepté

C. Document management


  • Reports are PDF files sent by email according to information flow management.
  • All reports are archived in a document management system


  • PDF documents can be retrieved using advanced search criteria.
  • Documents can be shared via URL between those within the organization who have access to the EDM.
  • PDF help files are also stored in the EDM.
Capture des rapports

D. Reports

Report content

  • The content of the report is similar to that of the application, and also includes annotated photos and the signature of the inspector who inspected the vehicle.


  • Reports are available in the following languages,
    • English, French and Spanish
    • Questions will be displayed in the local language if they have been translated.
Capture d'un rapport de contrôle

E. Business Intelligence

  • Checklist: Period, marketer, checkpoint, carrier and status
  • Control points: Period, marketer, control site, carrier and satisfaction rate (set by customer).
  • Deposits: Period, form type (inspection category), marketer, inspection site, carrier, driver, vehicle
  • Reports: Period, marketer, control site, carrier, status
  • Dernière inspection du véhicule : Listes des dernières inspections, généralement des inspections quotidiennes ou hebdomadaires
  • Plusieurs KPI peuvent être calculés à l’aide des données des rapports
  • Le Top 10 des anomalies : Les clients utilisent ce KPI pour fixer des objectifs à leurs partenaire

SafeToLoad enables a continuous improvement process to improve fleet health and reduce risks.

Capture du top 10 des anomalies

Application features

Icône alerte téléphone

Warning system

Notify carriers and managers of non-conformities.

Icône chapeau étudiant

Multimedia aids

Access the explanatory sheets for the control points in electronic document management

Icône traduction


Use the application in several languages (English, Spanish, French…)

Icône wifi

Online & offline mode

Perform your inspection in both connected and disconnected mode

Icône entreprise avec des personnes devant

Multi-branch management

Manage multiple branches simultaneously

Icône bloc déplacer en déposer/glisser avec la souris

Dynamic fields

Inspect your transports with customisable forms

Icône localisation


Access geolocated data

Icône Document PDF

Generating reports

Generate your inspection reports automatically in PDF

Icône ajout de photo

Take pictures with annotation

Access your tablet’s photo lens to illustrate your inspections

Icône graphique montant

Real-time KPIs

Synthesise your data collection and visualise your performance indicators

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