Administration Data Portal​​​​

Administration Data Portal​​​​

Manage sites

Click on the “Manage” menu then on
« Site ».

Capture onglet site
Capture de la liste des sites

You will access the list of sites.

Just like creating a question, or creating other administrative data (contractors, vehicles, trailers, etc.), you can:

  • Filter active and inactive sites. 
  • Import and export a list of sites.
  • Refresh the list of sites.

Click “Create” to create a new site.

Capture de la fiche de création d'un site

The fields to be completed are:

  • Name (mandatory fields),
  • The recipients.

You can add recipient emails:

  • .Recipient’s email copy of the STL: recipients will receive all checks that have taken place on their site.

  • Recipient emails for problem reports: recipients will only receive controls that have a problem (comment, non-compliance, rejection)

  • Rejected notification recipients: recipients will only receive hard checks that occurred on their site .

Capture de l'ajout des destinataires pour notifications

Write an e-mail address and click on the “+” to add it to the list.

Using the arrows, you can order your emails.

Click the trash can icon to delete an email.

Once complete, click “Ok”.

Once the fields are completed, click on “create” to save your new site.

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