Administration Data Portal​​​​

Administration Data Portal​​​​

Manage Notifications

You can manage notifications in tabs:

  • Contractors,
  • Site,
  • Marketer,
  • General settings,
  • Questions.
By noting the email addresses in the associated fields, you will receive the results of the checks in your inbox.
Capture des champs de la gestion des notifications

There are three types of notifications:

  • Affiliate email recipients copied on STL: the recipients will receive all controls

  • Recipient emails for problem reports: recipients will only receive controls that have a problem (comment, non-compliance, rejection)

  • Rejected notification recipients: the recipients will receive only those controls with rejection

Write an e-mail address and click on the “+” to add it to the list.

Using the arrows, you can order your emails.

Click an email address and then click the trash can icon to delete that email.

Once complete, click “Ok”.

Capture de l'ajout ou suppression des emails pour notification
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