Administration Data Portal​​​​

Administration Data Portal​​​​

Manage drivers

Click on the “Manage” menu then on
« Driver ».

Capture onglet conducteurs
Capture de la liste des conducteurs

You will access the list of drivers.

Just like creating a question, or creating other administrative data (contractors, vehicles, trailers, etc.), you can:

  • Filter active and inactive drivers. 
  • Import and export a list of drivers.
  • Refresh the list of drivers.

Click “Create” to create a new conductor.

Capture de la fiche pour créer un nouveau conducteur

The fields to be completed are:

  • Name (mandatory fields),
  • End date of training,
  • Date of expiry of the medical certificate,
  • Driver’s license number,
  • End date of driver license,
  • OBC key number,
  • Mobile phone.

Once the fields are completed, click on “create” to save your new driver.

You can associate a contractor with your driver

Click on your newly created driver and click on “Contractor” at the top left.

Capture prestataire associé au conducteur
Capture de la liste de prestataires associés au conducteur

You will access the list of contractor to be associated with a driver.

Click on “Create” at the top right to create a new contractor.

Click on “Add/delete” at the top right to add or delete a contractor.

This window allows you to add or remove a contractor to be associated with your driver.

Click on the desired contractor(s) and click on “Validate”.

Capture de la fenêtre pour ajouter, supprimer un prestataire associé à une remorque
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