Inspect App

Inspect App


After entering your username and password, you will access the home screen of the SafeToLoad application.

Capture de l'écran d'accueil de l'application SafeToLoad
Capture de l'icône pour créer un formulaire

Create a new control
The inspector must select the appropriate form.

Capture de l'icône de la liste des tâches en cours

List of checks in progress (= unsynchronized checks)
These inspections are visible only on the tablet and therefor not included in the report and cannot be consulted in the EDM.

Capture de l'icône trier/grouper

Sort / Group
This icon is used to sort and/or group the controls in progress in the list, according to the creation date, the appointment date, the order of priority, the model, the alphabetical order and the status.

Capture de l'icône dossier do

Document Management
Online help, quick guide and documents made available by the affiliates.

Capture de l'icône paramètres de l'application

Tablet settings
Access to settings: user data, server data, user interface, data deletion, options, restore application and support access.

Capture de l'icône synchronisation de la tablette

Synchronizing the tablet with the server
By clicking on this icons, the inspector starts the synchronization process manually. It can last several minutes the first time.

Capture de l'icône menu pour quitter et revenir

Turn off the app

Capture de l'icône quitter l'application

or return to the identification screen

Capture de l'icône revenir à l'identification
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