Administration data portal

Administration data portal

Change user account and emails

Change user account

go to the SafeToLoad portal: :

Capture de l'écran d'accueil du portail STL

Click on «Admin», «Users» and select your user account.

Capture du menu Admin
Capture de la liste des utilisateurs

At the top right, click on the “Rename account” button.

Capture de la fiche d'un utilisateur

After modifying your account, click on «Rename account» at the bottom of the window, which will validate your modification.

Capture de la fenêtre pour modifier le nom d'un utilisateur

After changing your user account on the Arioflow portal, go to the mobile application.

Once you have logged out, by clicking on the relevant icon, you can identify yourself again with your new user account.

This procedure requires an to be connected to the internet.

Change emails

In the “Manage” menu, you can modify your email addresses in the tabs «Contractor», «Site», «Marketer», «Inspector et controller» and«General settings».

Capture du changement d'e-mails inspecteur et contrôleur

Change of e-mail in the file of an inspector / controller

Capture changement e-mails

Change of e-mail in the contractor, site, marketer and general settings files.

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