Admin Data Portal

Admin Data Portal

Analyze menu

The Analyze module, called BI (Business Intelligence), is automatically fed by the server which stores the data from the STLs. The results are updated daily. The KPIs are accessible from the web interface and are set by default.

You will find :

  • The number of STLs made per day,
  • The number of non-conformities by control points,
  • The number of rejected vehicles (per month/week/day),
  • The results by depot and by carrier.

You can access BI by clicking on the “Analyze” module.

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Enter your login and password.

You go directly to the BI interface, select the type of report you want. You can filter your searches and results by selecting a period, a carrier, a model, a vehicle, a status, a driver, an inspection site, a depot, etc.

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