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In the “Manage” menu, we find all the basic data useful for the proper functioning of the inspection.

Capture du menu Manage

We will see how to visualize the questions from the different inspections, as well as the settings on which you will need to pay particular attention (e.g. tags).

Capture de la liste des questions

Take, for example, the EVT form.

Capture de la liste des questions EVT

List of questions from the EVT form

Click “Create” at the top right to create a new question.

Click on the desired question to edit it. An edit question window will open.

The fields of the question sheet:

  • Reference
  • Active until: it is possible to make a question active on an inspection over a given period
  • Order: the order of the question in the inspection form
  • Question
  • Immediate stop
  • Answer
Tags allow you to associate a question with one or more inspections. Click “Edit”.
Capture de la fiche de la question 001

Select the types of inspections, assets/contacts/organizations and sections where you want to associate the question.

In the Sections tab, we will find the different parts of a form. (Please note, we find all the section codes for all workspace questions and not just those for the EVT in the present example).

Capture de la fenêtre tags

Once the tags have been validated, you will need to click on “Validate”.

Save the changes to the question by clicking “Save”.

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