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Install the app SafeToLoad on a device, it is available on the Android Market only at the moment.
Once installed, use the credentials, username : device.en61@poc.safetoload.com, password : test.
Licencing is / device / year so each device has credentials

Once installed, you open the app and give the requested permissions.
It will take some time to sync with the server so you can perform offline inspections.

To do a first test inspection, use the following

  • Select « Operated – Bulk Truck »
  • Inspector PIN is 4619
  • Inspector « Charles Fraser » will be displayed
  • Choose location « Roserun »
  • Select marketer « LifeBlood Oil »
  • Enter the A030 registration, it is an operated bulk truck
  • Select driver « Hein Kool »
  • Continue inspection, check points, photos, etc up to signature.
  • At the end, click on the cloud up right, select « send the control »
  • Once done, you lust sync again with the server so the control is actually sent

You have done your first inspection.

Once you have access to the workspace, you can check the vehicle database and select other dummy vehicles (don’t forget to select the right inspection form otherwise the app will tell you there is conflict).


Here, https://apps.safetoload.com/inspect/#/
No offline/online mode at the moment, works only on locations where networks is reliable (WiFi, 4G, etc).
Same credentials than the app.



This is the portal, credentials are, username : office.en61@poc.safetoload.com and password : test

Go to « Manage », you will have access to all lists, transporters, vehicles, trailers, drivers, sites, marketers, inspectors and controllers, general settings, device settings.
All reports are sent via emails, you can add emails in for each transporter, site, marketer and in the general settings (emails are added with)
You can check the Excel IMPORT EXPORT – in case of a PoC, you will be able to populate the database that way (we provide the codes for the type of vehicles, etc).

Now that you have access to the workspace, you can play using other vehicle registrations, transporters, drivers, etc.


You will have to request a demo for that one!


You will have to request a demo for that one too!


You can check the HELP here (or click HELP in the workspace)

Click « PDF documents » and you will land here, https://safetoload.com/en/documents/, all HELP documents in English.
Click « YouTube videos » and you will land here, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjOsEWxSirtshh9dEoqDxwu5ZN45w7OAZ

Have fun!

In case you need help, just drop me an email, fmontandon@safetoload.com or even Whatsapp, +33787675992.


Available in English, French and Spanish.


Choose a convenient time and Calendly will automatically generate a meeting.

In case you are using another system such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, etc please create a meeting at the time and date you have chosen.

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